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I am the IMA Indian Model. I am 24 yrs of age living in Ireland, I hv participated in the Big Brother House in UK after through IMA site Promotion. I have graduated from a Fashion school. I am a passionate Indian Model Actress and Bollywood Dancer. I am very good with indian classical dance as well as good with western moves. I love workingout (Aerobics) regularly, to stay totally fit, flexible at the same time healthy indeed. I do highly recommend Model Coordinators in Mumbai Indian Model Agency (IMA), Indian Bollywood Models and Acting Agency Baahaa, IMA Pictures, Indian art collectors Bharat Art Gallery, Indian Event Management Co. AAGNI, Matrimonials India site to anyone wanting to make it big in showbiz. I was instantly impressed by the professionalism of Mr. Chakraborty. I sent my pictures to Mr. Chakraborty via email and i got an instant response, where he offered me a role in a Bollywood movie project for an audition. IMA Artist Manager & Ambassador of Social & Cultural Activities Mr. Chakraborty informed me of what IMA stands for and the outstanding quality that can be achieved through mutual respect. We then decided that a step forward for a movie casting. While we were just thinking about all that, I recieved another offer to become a Goodwill Brand Ambassador of Peace by Mr. Chakraborty. I certainly showed him alot of interest and the next day to that i recieved a call from the Ambassador & Chairman of the Organization. He was also remarkebly professional and spoke to the point about the project which was another reason why I myself totally looked forward to working with IMA & IMA Pictures. Through various emails and phone calls back and forth, I accepted the contract that was mailed to me by the ambassador. Mr. Chakraborty instantly responded to any of my queries regarding this project indeed. Therefore I look forward to working with him in the future and without a doubt I recommend Indian Models Agency & IMA Pictures to anyone who has the potential to get to the top at the same time is just waiting for a break or an opportunity to get discovered. I can happily say now that IMA stands for quality, respect, prestige and professionalism. Thanks Mr. Chakraborty for promoting us as Bollywood New Faces, Bollywood Models, Indian Models for acting modelling opportunities into the Industry through,,, and, IMA@1247, UK Indian Model of Indian Modeling Agency IMA Bombay

Are you looking to make your big break in Bollywood or are you a seasoned artist wanting to expand your network and exposure? Whether you are about to embark on your first film or your 40th, Bollywood Acting Agency is an essential element for anyone involved in the film industry.

Bollywood Acting Agency provides a number of services from scouting Bollywood New Faces to helping writers to sell scripts. We also adivse our clients on issues such as Copyright Registration Regulations and Information on International Actor's Guilds. The Agency is not only limited to Bollywood or Bollywood Models Artists, as it also has links to provide artists with opportunities within a number of other countries, including the original Tinseltown: Hollywood.

Bollywood Acting Agency is a cut above the rest... Although the Agency is a large outfit, every member receives attentive care and one on one interaction. BAA-HAA helps develop its members in an individual manner in order to make them reach full potential.

Bollywood Acting Agency|Hollywood Acting Agency consists of a number of Bollywood film professionals in every department. Because we are equip with both Bollywood and Hollywood film professionals we are able to provide a number of different services. If it's related to cinema, we're sure we have a solution for you!

We pride ourselves on our keen ability to network and bring individuals together to build powerhouse teams capable of producing amazing works of cinema. We think outside of the box in order to provide solutions for all situations.

Further, Bollywood Acting Agency, what sponsored by is not just an Agency, but more than an Agency with genious concept & Talented Team. Although we do help other production companies scout talent, we also have a sister-company, IMA Pictures that produces high-quality films. IMA is a platform that embraces newcomers to the industry. We cast a number of lead roles to hopeful new faces because we believe in you and we believe that filmmaking should be more about talent and less about "who you know". Bollywood Acting Agency and IMA Pictures is in it to create quality films and both entities recognize that fresh talent helps raise the bar.

So whether you are a Filmmaker, Casting Director, Actor, Artist, Vocalist, Video Editor, Music Producer, Writer or Cinematographer, Production Manager, Film Director or any other movie professional, you've turned to the right place. What are you waiting for?... Sign up with Bollywood Acting Agency and see why our clients can't stop talking about us...

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